Here’s a picture of me 26 years ago, working on a freelance project, shortly after we moved to Oklahoma. It’s also just five years before, I fell in love with Apple’s first desktop computer – the Macintosh SE.

With two suitcases and $500 in my pocket, we moved to Oklahoma 27 years ago on a Greyhound bus. We re-located, so I could accept a full-time staff position on the campus of Oklahoma Christian University. It was a great chance to escape peer pressure and a failing economy on the banks of the Ohio River. Now 28, my oldest daughter was one year old at the time. The Hostage Crisis had just ended, and Ronald Reagan was elected the 40th President of The United States.

With an emphasis in marketing, four years later, I successfully completed an academic degree from Oklahoma Christian in Advertising Design. I worked for a design firm for several years after college, then I went to work for a former and popular Oklahoma Governor for seven years producing publications, corporate PR and event materials. For more than a decade, I’ve been creative director at The Oklahoma Publishing Company and – the largest and most successful Web site in the state. I often claim that I was with Al Gore, when he invented the Internet. (Read about and media convergence in my blog.)

I consider myself to be a change-agent, a corporate image-maker, publisher, web developer, designer, marketing and creative director who is trying to keep pace with technology and apply it to business. I like to study trends within the Web industry and among people who meet the demands at the front of the curve. As a leader, I love to see others succeed and strive to give them the tools they need to get there.

Not only am I creative director at The Oklahoma Publishing Company and but co-owner of McKinley Browne Creative Group, LLC, where we recently designed and published nine books about Oklahoma history and some of its successful citizens.