Scott Horton Podcast Studio
The control room of our first and smallest video studio.

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In June of 2006, The Oklahoman created a multimedia department by merging the resources of, its Editorial Art Department and a division of its Sales and Marketing Department.

As its creative director, my first goal was to not only re-design for the ninth time in eleven years, but to conceptualize and launch four podcast studios on the seventh floor of The Oklahoma Publishing Company.

As well, located one block East of the White House in the National Press Building, The Oklahoman launched its first remote video studio.

Although the process of producing video newscasts and radio shows are far from being anything new to the TV and radio news industry, it’s new to newspapers around the country. For us, the most exciting thing is we’re writing the rules as we deliver news and information in ways we’ve never done before.

In my blog, under the Podcast Studio Project link to the left or below, you will find sub-navigation that will guide you through the process of the design, research, product selection and final production of both studios. You will find links to my original renderings, product selections and why we chose to record in 1080i HD.

  1. Podcast Studio Project
  2. Getting Started
  3. Level 1 Studio Set-up
  4. Growing the Dream
  5. Level 2 Studio Set-up
  6. Remote Locations
  7. Studio Staff
  8. Studio Animation
  9. What’s Happening to the News

I’ll be updating and populating this blog as I create these studios. Feel free to contact me or subscribe to my RSS to get updates of new product selections, processes, photo galleries and videos. I’m interested in what you have to say.

A very special thanks to Mark Pool, Jeff Patrick, Ronny Lambeth, Jason Plunkett, Aaron Longley, Johnny Hampton, Kelsey Fallesen, Curtis Pulliam, John Waterman, Keri Martin and Michelle Geries for helping me pull this off. Hey guys! Let’s do it again.