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St. Louis – The Associated Press just named NewsOK 2009 Innovator of the Year for our video efforts. The APME Innovator of the Year Award recognizes innovation in print, online, management, structure or other area that demonstrates a bold, creative effort to improve a news or information product and increase audience.

bug_camera.gifWatch NewsOK Studio Project: Two Years Later.

Congratulations to the employees
of OPUBCO Communications
Group for making
one of the top 12 newspaper
media sites in the world. The International Academy of Digital
Arts and Sciences named
Oklahoma’s largest local website
an Official Honoree in the
2009 Webby Awards.
Winning an international award of this caliber is a tribute to the journalists, programmers,
developers, designers, video,
sales and marketing professionals who are all part of our rapidly expanding digital innovation team.

Congratulations to the employees of OPUBCO Communications Group for making one of the top 12 newspaper media sites in the world. The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences named Oklahoma’s largest local website an Official Honoree in the 2009 Webby Awards.

Winning an international award of this caliber is a tribute to the journalists, programmers, developers, designers, video, sales and marketing professionals who are all part of our rapidly expanding digital innovation team.

According to the New York Times, a Webby is the highest honor a site can receive.

The control room of our newest and largest video studio.

Along with the Naples Daily News, and the Washington Post-Newsweek Interactive, The Oklahoman is featured by the Newspaper Association of America (NAA) in a recent online video content report about current industry practices.

In less than two years, The Oklahoman went from producing very few online videos to producing more than 100 original pieces each week. Read more about The Oklahoman in the NAA online report: In Focus: The Oklahoman, The Oklahoman: Behind the Scenes and Live from the Newsroom: Set Building 101. You can also read about my personal experience with the Podcast Studio Project in my blog.

bug_camera.gifWatch Behind the Scenes: The Oklahoman.
bug_camera.gifWatch NewsOK Studio Project: Two Years Later.
bug_camera.gifTake a panoramic tour of our facilities and studio.

bug_camera.gifBe sure to watch the wimgo video project. These are GREAT!

Today, OPUBCO Communications Group launched This new Web site offers Oklahomans a one-stop, full-service, all-inclusive, comprehensive collection of things to do and places to go, served with a side of opinions, photos, video, maps, “communities of interest” and whatever else develops.

Spearheading the project, Rob Wescott, vice president of audience development, said “wimgo came out of the fact that there wasn’t really any place online where you could find everything that’s going on in Oklahoma.”

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…or at least, I’ll take it as a complement.


bug_camera.gifOSU head football coach, Mike Gundy, the day after the Jenni Carlson episode.

ESPN: “The fact that Oklahoma’s biggest newspaper has such an elaborate Web site that there’s a ‘The Tirade of Mike Gundy’ special section, with video clips and everything. You know the Internet has made it when The Oklahoman looks like” – Bill Simmons, ESPN.

Jon Stewart

comedy_central_02.jpgJon’s freaked out by the sheer terror and production value of a weather promo about our NEWS 9 chief meteorologist, Gary England. Only a true Oklahoman can appreciate the humor in this clip. Too funny.

bug_camera.gifWatch NEWS 9 Gary England video.


We’ve been hard at work the past few months finalizing all elements of the redesign. It’s the ninth time in eleven years I’ve redesigned the look of the site. The redesign is the result of the work of our talented programmers, editors and ad designers. Hey guys! Thanks for making my design come to life!

We had two goals in mind with the redesign – simplification and customization. The redesigned site is easy to navigate. It also offers options for users to customize content to fit their individual needs, with features such as RSS feeds from other sites.

With more than 700,000 registered users, features a variety of digital media, including text, photos, streaming video, podcasts and RSS feeds.

Read the rest of this entry » has launched a new redesign. “NewsOK’s site design will be like no other we’ve done before,” said Scott Horton, creative director. “With the magnitude of the programming muscle behind it, this site will be the best ever.”

Horton, along with a team of programmers, editors, managersand beta-group members, has been hard at work the past few months finalizing all elements of the redesign. “The redesign is the result of the work of our talented programmers, as well as proficient site coordination and restructure,” Horton said. “Most of the heavy lifting was performed by Ethan Cairns, Ryan Marshall, James Duncan, Steve Aylor, Alan Herzberger, Marcy Williams, David Morris and Ron Cariker. I took all their creative ideas and rolled them into what is now our new site. Most of the work belongs to them,” Horton said.

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icon_newspaper.gifThe Oklahoman
Friday, March 30, 2007

The Oklahoma Publishing Co. has purchased the ownership interest of Griffin Communications LLC in, the joint Web site for The Oklahoman and KWTV NEWS 9, officials said Thursday.

Terms of the sale were not released.

David Thompson, publisher of The OklahomanAs a result of the buyout, the partnership will dissolve, although the site will continue to represent both organizations while NEWS 9 creates its Web site, scheduled to launch in early 2008.

The two companies have operated as a joint venture since 2001. “Together, our staffs have built an award-winning Web site that more Oklahomans use than any other media site in the state,” said David Thompson, publisher of The Oklahoman. “But the Internet has become more central to our core businesses, and we realize that each of our strong brands need autonomy.”

David Griffin, president of Griffin Communications, described as a “great strategic alliance” for both companies for five and a half years.

“But the opportunities online are changing rapidly, and our business models must change accordingly,” Griffin said.

The two companies will continue to collaborate on “total coverage” in The Oklahoman and on NEWS 9, combining efforts on news stories. The companies also will continue to collaborate promotionally.

What would soon be part of the editorial content center within the multimedia department, this photo was taken during the Internet access and electronic systems phase of the construction. View more of the construction process.

icon_newspaper.gifRandy Ellis, The Oklahoman
Sunday, June 4, 2006

A new multimedia department has been created by The Oklahoman to meet the needs of readers by providing ways for them to receive news and information and advertising when they want it and how they want it.

“Because we are the leading news and information provider in Oklahoma, we are now more than a newspaper,” said David Thompson, publisher of The Oklahoman. “Along with our TV partner, KWTV NEWS 9, we have an extensive Web site,, and we are developing ways to provide rich content on a variety of platforms from print products to cell phones.”

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icon_newspaper.gifH.O. “woody” Gaddis, The Oklahoman
Sunday, December 18, 2005

For many of us, the mention of Oklahoma history raises flashbacks of classes we had to take from athletic coaches, driver’s education teachers or school marms whose sole purpose, so it seemed, was to require us to memorize, before lunch, all 77 county seats. Others of us were fascinated early on by inspired teachers relating the story of the development of our state.

Images of History CoverA rare treat is available for both these groups in “Images of History: The Oklahoman Collection.”

In anticipation of Oklahoma’s centennial, Bob L. Blackburn, executive director of the Oklahoma Historical Society, and Jim Argo, retired photo editor of The Oklahoman, have collaborated on a historical work of major significance to anyone who has even a potential interest in Oklahoma history. With expert research assistance from Mary Phillips and design by Scott Horton, Blackburn’s narrative thread weaves the images selected by Argo, Horton and Phillips from The Oklahoman collection into a rich tapestry.

This stunning, 192-page coffee-table book, a photojournalistic history of Oklahoma and of photography at The Oklahoman, truly has something for anyone interested in the developments that set the stage for life in our state today. For those who never got past the county seats, this book might give them a new way to look at history.

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icon_newspaper.gifCuff Stuff,
August 18,2005

“Whoa! That rocks my world!”
“I’ve never seen anything like it before!”
“Let me see it again!”
”Dude… Dog!”

These are some of the things you’ll hear coming from behind the restrooms on the third floor.

Digital Pioneers

In February of 1996, Scott Horton took the job of creative director for a Web site that would publish The Daily Oklahoman to the world. At the time, no one knew much about the Internet, what it could be used for, or if it had a real future. The challenge was enormous with a large learning curve, and a teach-yourself environment where no real experts had yet emerged.

Horton found the prospect too exciting to pass up and joined the team of creative and talented people assigned a monumental task. The original charter group of was made up of Sue Hale, Marcia Peeler, Matt Jones, Bob “Speedy” Arrington, Don Fowler, Betty Jane Garrett, Matt Williamson, Scott DeWitte, and Horton.

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icon_newspaper.gifThe Oklahoman
Wednesday, July 7, 2004

The photos are bigger, the navigation easier and the personalization options plentiful for any of the 340,000 registered users who click into today., the Internet presence for both The Oklahoman and KWTV News9, launched its redesigned Web site last week with a mission to make it easier for users to navigate to news content, said Kelly Dyer, general manager.

“You can navigate to any page on the site from the entry point,” Dyer said. “The new design uses mouse-over navigation that presents the headlines in drop-down menus. There is actually more on the page because we are using the mouse-over technology.”

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icon_newspaper.gifJim Stafford, The Oklahoman
Wednesday, May 12, 2004

In the world of business, some companies have customers. Others have “clients.” All of them try to create customer loyalty.

Then there is Apple Computer.

Apple has created millions of fanatical followers who display almost a cult-like devotion to the California-based company that makes Macintosh computers.

Every move Apple makes is chronicled in the technology media the way entertainers are tracked by, say, People magazine.

When it opens a new Apple retail store as it did recently in San Francisco, hundreds camp outside the store the night before to be among the first inside on opening day.

And yet, Apple holds but a 5 percent share of the computer market in a world dominated by Microsoft and PCs that operate its Windows-based operating system.

Apple has created such devotion by creating “cool” products and a
slightly “counter-culture” philosophy that strikes a nerve with its fans, said Michael Gartenberg, technology analyst with Jupiter Research.

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icon_newspaper.gifKaren Klinka, The Oklahoman
Sunday, March 14, 2004

Books about lizards around the world, a 1,200-pound cow stuck in a silo and a mystery in a fictional Oklahoma town won awards at the 15th annual Oklahoma Book Awards on Saturday at the Petroleum Club in Oklahoma City.

The awards are sponsored by the Oklahoma Center for the Book, a state affiliate of the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress.

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Recording My Experiences

mug_scott_bw.jpgAfter slogging away for years to beat the next deadline, it's nice to have a place to quickly record my professional experiences. I started this blog, as I was finishing the design and launch of the second of four media studios on the 7th floor of The Oklahoman in Oklahoma City and one studio east of the White House in the National Press Building. Below are a set of links reflecting our dreams, our challenges and the products and services we chose.


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