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Leading the charge to train their Washington Post print journalists to shoot video for the, Chet Rhodes recently conducted a similar training session for The Oklahoman newsroom. We first met Chet the weekend we launched our Washington D.C. studio and found his process to be extremely helpful and in-line with our next natural step for growing online traffic and getting more video onto our site. By embedding short 30 second video clips, shot by reporters and placed into our online articles, the Senator Inhofe graphic to the right illustrates one way The Oklahoman plans to launch Chet’s practices in the immediate future.

Rhodes is deputy multimedia editor of The Washington Post-Newsweek Interactive, where he oversees the production and editing of daily news videos. Before joining Rhodes taught for 10 years as an instructor of Broadcast Journalism at the University of Maryland’s College of Journalism. He also worked as a radio news director in local radio and as an editor and chief engineer with the UPI radio network.


bug_photos.gifView images of the iPhone beta user interface (UI) in detail.

From breaking news headlines, movie times, audio podcasts, 24 hour weather outlook, searchable classifieds and The Oklahoman Archives, this new iPhone UI beta has everything you’ll need on the go. Version 1.0, now in development, will include the ability to buy movie tickets, watch movie trailers, detailed weather with live local radar, news video and more.

At last weeks Web 2.0 Conference in San Francisco, the buzz was how Apple had blown the doors off the user experience with their iPhone interface and opened the box, so we could look into the future. The current iPhone development team includes Jake Behrens (lead developer), James Duncan, Ethan Cairns, Ryan Marshall, Billy Davis and myself. Great job guys! You make us proud.

This Web based application is part of Apple’s recent open source iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK) and can be found at, or watch Steve Jobs presentation to see what’s ahead.

Don Curtis works in a wheat field north of Guymon. Photo by Bryan Terry.

The high cost of gasoline is making it almost impossible to produce and deliver The Oklahoman to the furthest parts of the state. As part of a test to develop future audience in these distant locations, The Oklahoman soft-launched this week. An electronic version of Oklahoma small town news, this blog like site will focus around the town of Guymond, Oklahoma.

Giving it a local flavor and a true hometown read, this version of Panhandle news will be edited and maintained by a local resident of Guymond. With social networking built-in, this site includes local news, sports, movie times, photo galleries, classifieds and weather. In the near future and currently in final development, this project will include a New York Times style reader, which is a down-loadable software version of The Oklahoman that lives on your computer. This version of the newspaper will update itself on a continual basis. I’ll have more on that the day it launches.

Commissioned by The Oklahoman circulation department, project contributors include Jennifer Armstrong-Zink, Billy Mabray, Amy Mitchell, Andy Fugate, Jake Behrens, Jay Spear, Tommy Yi, Alan Herzberger, Pat Dennis, Joe Hopper, Rob Wescott and a small part of myself.

It became apparent, in time, we needed a site to house all our video content in one place. So, using Brightcove technology as our back-end, we launched 1.0. Although in an infancy phase, gave us a home – a place where you could see everything at once or search by topics.

Future versions of UI will include closed caption, video linked back to original articles, commenting and user channels built by tags. Plans to develop 2.0 are slated for mid-May 2008. 1.0 development team includes James Duncan, Brad Belyeu and myself.

Recording My Experiences

mug_scott_bw.jpgAfter slogging away for years to beat the next deadline, it's nice to have a place to quickly record my professional experiences. I started this blog, as I was finishing the design and launch of the second of four media studios on the 7th floor of The Oklahoman in Oklahoma City and one studio east of the White House in the National Press Building. Below are a set of links reflecting our dreams, our challenges and the products and services we chose.


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