Edmund Pickens: First Elected Chickasaw Chief, His Life and Times was written by Juanita Tate – a ninety-eight year-old Chickasaw elder. As a great-granddaughter of Edmund Pickens, Tate has devoted the last forty-seven years of her life to the research of her great-grandfather.

Edmund Pickens traveled with his wife and children on the Trail of Tears. Once established in the new Oklahoma territory, Pickens negotiated important treaties in Washington D.C., helped to develop the Chickasaw Constitution and served in the Chickasaw senate in the mid-eighteen hundreds. He lived through the tumultuous period of the Civil War and signed the treaty of alliance with the Confederate States. He was the first elected Chief of the Chickasaw Nation and was respected for his devotion and trustworthiness to the Chickasaw people.

This hard bound book is the ninth book I’ve designed and published in the last five years. Others who contributed to this project include Jeannie Barbour, Matt Bradbury, Brian Cooke, Dr. Amanda Cobb-Greetham, Mike Larsen, Sarah Thornburg-Horton and Jennifer Armstrong-Zink.