The control room of our newest and largest video studio.

Along with the Naples Daily News, and the Washington Post-Newsweek Interactive, The Oklahoman is featured by the Newspaper Association of America (NAA) in a recent online video content report about current industry practices.

In less than two years, The Oklahoman went from producing very few online videos to producing more than 100 original pieces each week. Read more about The Oklahoman in the NAA online report: In Focus: The Oklahoman, The Oklahoman: Behind the Scenes and Live from the Newsroom: Set Building 101. You can also read about my personal experience with the Podcast Studio Project in my blog.

bug_camera.gifWatch Behind the Scenes: The Oklahoman.
bug_camera.gifWatch NewsOK Studio Project: Two Years Later.
bug_camera.gifTake a panoramic tour of our facilities and studio.