Leading the charge to train their Washington Post print journalists to shoot video for the washingtonpost.com, Chet Rhodes recently conducted a similar training session for The Oklahoman newsroom. We first met Chet the weekend we launched our Washington D.C. studio and found his process to be extremely helpful and in-line with our next natural step for growing online traffic and getting more video onto our site. By embedding short 30 second video clips, shot by reporters and placed into our online articles, the Senator Inhofe graphic to the right illustrates one way The Oklahoman plans to launch Chet’s practices in the immediate future.

Rhodes is deputy multimedia editor of The Washington Post-Newsweek Interactive, where he oversees the production and editing of daily news videos. Before joining washingtonpost.com Rhodes taught for 10 years as an instructor of Broadcast Journalism at the University of Maryland’s College of Journalism. He also worked as a radio news director in local radio and as an editor and chief engineer with the UPI radio network.