bug_camera.gifBe sure to watch the wimgo video project. These are GREAT!

Today, OPUBCO Communications Group launched wimgo.com. This new Web site offers Oklahomans a one-stop, full-service, all-inclusive, comprehensive collection of things to do and places to go, served with a side of opinions, photos, video, maps, “communities of interest” and whatever else develops.

Spearheading the project, Rob Wescott, vice president of audience development, said “wimgo came out of the fact that there wasn’t really any place online where you could find everything that’s going on in Oklahoma.”

“It’s about ‘where I’m going, when I’m going and why I’m going,” he said. “It’s truly a conversation around events. So it really becomes a way to gauge what’s going on and who’s going where and what the popular things are.”

Out of the dreams of The Oklahoman’s Audience Development department, wimgo.com contributors are Ethan Cairns, James Duncan, Ryan Marshall, Tommy Yi, Andy Fugate, Billy Davis, Tanner Herriott, Rob Wescott, Joe Hopper and Jake Behrens.

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Now you can wimgo where no one has gone before. By David Zizzo, The Oklahoman, February 15, 2008.

My thoughts about wimgo:

One reoccurring theme I kept seeing at a recent web 2.0 conference is “How do I get data to people in their current location.” What’s nearby, who’s nearby and how do I get there from here? Who do I know that’s in San Francisco at the same time I am? Where are my friends now? Is there any historical interests currently around me? Are there photos to back it up? I’m hungry. Where are the closest Italian restaurants? What is the exact location of the bus I’m waiting for? How much time do I have to spare?

“Time is our most valuable asset, and if it’s being wasted,
we’re not going to take it, We want out time to be well-invested.”

– Chris Heuer, Social Media Club

Knowing that we have all this data and a wealth of networked information at our doorstep, what do we do with it? It’s like discovering we have electricity for the first time. Now what?

All of this makes me think the wingo.com is truly headed in the right direction.