bug_camera.gifWatch the Oklahoma Centennial Spectacular Commercials.

Some of Oklahoma’s best returned home to celebrate our centennial. This all-star concert featured some of our most famous sons and daughters. Among the stars were Reba McEntire, Toby Kieth, Garth Brooks, Vince Gill, Carrie Underwood, Johnny Bench, Bart Conner, Nadia Comaneci, Oklahoma’s Miss America 2007, 2006, 1996, 1981 and 1967, All-American Rejects, Flaming Lips, Amy Grant, Shirley Jones, Willard Scott, Patti Page, Blake Shelton, Berry Switzer and live satellite from Ron Howard and First Lady Laura Bush. Happy birthday Oklahoma!

Video from NewsOK.tv
bug_camera.gifWatch video highlights with Angi from the Ford Center.
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bug_camera.gifOpening performance from Vince and Reba.
bug_camera.gifToby Keith performs American Soldier.
bug_camera.gifCarrie Underwood performance.
bug_camera.gifCentennial Spectacular Finale.