has launched a new redesign. “NewsOK’s site design will be like no other we’ve done before,” said Scott Horton, creative director. “With the magnitude of the programming muscle behind it, this site will be the best ever.”

Horton, along with a team of programmers, editors, managersand beta-group members, has been hard at work the past few months finalizing all elements of the redesign. “The redesign is the result of the work of our talented programmers, as well as proficient site coordination and restructure,” Horton said. “Most of the heavy lifting was performed by Ethan Cairns, Ryan Marshall, James Duncan, Steve Aylor, Alan Herzberger, Marcy Williams, David Morris and Ron Cariker. I took all their creative ideas and rolled them into what is now our new site. Most of the work belongs to them,” Horton said.

The redesigned site is easy to navigate. It also offers options for users to customize content to fit their individual needs, with features such as RSS feeds from other sites. NewsOK users can get headlines or sports scores automatically sent to their computer, cell phone, Blackberry or other portable device. “We had two goals in mind with the redesign,” said Horton. “We wanted simplification and customization.”

With more than 700,000 registered users and 600,000 plus unique monthly visitors, features a variety of digital media, including text, photos, streaming video, podcasts and RSS feeds.

Featuring an Interactive Media Center, the site has links allowing quick, easy access to the company’s growing portfolio of multimedia products, including such products as:

  • The current issue of LOOK@OKC
  • OKC NStyle
  • The monthly edition of Central Oklahoma Homes
  • Recreational Rides
  • Special sections, such as Focus on Seniors and the Skirvin

Archived and current news of the OKC Bombing and more Also accessible on the Interactive Media Center are The Oklahoman’s print subscription services, the electronic edition of The Oklahoman, Pictopia-powered photo galleries and the OPUBCO Communications Group website.

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