icon_newspaper.gifElizabeth Taylor, The Oklahoman
Monday, October 20, 2003

Staff members put creative ideas together to produce new concept.

They are The Oklahoman’s version of “The Dream Team” – six people who spent more than three months designing a new stimulating and relevant state newspaper for Oklahoma.

The OPUBCO design team clockwise from top center, Phil Nesbitt, Todd Pendleton, Renee Lawrence, Scott Horton, Steve Byerly, and Bill Bootz. – photo illustration by Doug Hoke, The Oklahoman.

When conducting a redesign, newspapers have various options when it comes to a design team. Instead of employing a design team from outside the paper, possibly even outside the state, The Oklahoman chose to assemble a team of its own staff members and hire an internationally recognized design consultant to guide them.

News Editor Steve Byerly was named team leader and was joined by members Scott Horton, Renee Lawrence, Bill Bootz, Todd Pendleton and consultant Phil Nesbitt of the American Press Institute.

“The redesign at The Oklahoman is unique because they are using this as a collaborative process instead of relying solely on a consultant,” Nesbitt said.

The Oklahoma Publishing Co. employees added to their usual responsibilities to tackle the monumental role of redesigning The Oklahoman for the 21st century.

“Historically speaking, we are going through a very exciting time. It was a great honor to be chosen to participate in this project,” Horton said.

Meet the staff
Here are the designers who worked to bring you the new Oklahoman:

  1. News Editor Steve Byerly. Byerly, the team’s leader, has been at The Oklahoman for 11 years.
  2. NewsOK.com Creative Director Scott Horton. Horton has been with The Oklahoma Publishing Co. for eight years.
  3. Assistant Features Editor Renee Lawrence. Lawrence has been at The Oklahoman for 20 years.
  4. Sports News Editor Bill Bootz. Bootz has been at The Oklahoman for almost six years.
  5. Assistant Art Director Todd Pendleton. Pendleton has been at The Oklahoman for 15 years.