icon_newspaper.gifAlan Herzberger, NewsOK Editor
Friday, July 18, 2003, The Oklahoman

Let us decorate your computer.

You put photos on your desk and artwork on your walls. You should have both on your computer.

NewsOK.com design guru Scott Horton spent endless hours combing The Oklahoman’s photo archives for the best photos he could find. He worked with The Oklahoman photo editor Jim Argo to determine what would constitute
desktop beauty.

Many hours looking at hundreds of photographs — it’s no lie. Scott’s nothing if not thorough. It’s no coincidence that he has since needed a few days off to recover full use of his eyes.

But his painful efforts bring a reward for you. He chose 60 photos, then classified them into four categories. The result is a multitude of choices for your computer desktop wallpaper.

The photos are the most aesthetically pleasing pieces produced by The Oklahoman’s photography staff in recent months. The variety of art ranges from the Capitol Dome and Owen Field to Bricktown and the State Fair. There are many more in between, and they are all worth browsing before finally saving one for your computer.

There’s no charge for the download. Just consider it another terrific value provided by the state’s most-visited news Web site.

The way we see it: It’s a great way to showcase the talent in the photo department at The Oklahoman. Let’s face it, the high-resolution images available as wallpaper on our site are sharper and more colorful than what you can find in the paper. No matter how good the press and the press operators, photos just won’t reproduce on newsprint as well as they will digitally.

Go to NewsOK.com and click to the photo page. You’ll find loads of photo galleries and four categories of wallpaper choices — news/events, sports, tourism and seasons.