Pre-recorded in our studios on the 7th floor, the Oklahoma City Thunder is now producing a new weekly magazine television show entitled AIR THUNDER. The show provides Thunder fans a different and unique inside look at the team and the organization. The focus is to go beyond the court and allow fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse of an NBA franchise.

My original sports set design is altered weekly to accommodate the Thunder’s show. Go Thunder!

bug_camera.gifWatch Air Thunder videos.


Released just today, NewsOK’s Weatherwatch app hit #4 in Apple’s App Store. At last count, downloads were over 10,000.

NewsOK’s weatherwatch is a full featured weather app with tools to keep you informed of weather news, current conditions and forecasts.  The interactive radar map provides an up-to-date map of precipitation for anywhere in the U.S.

Congratulations to our team! A special thanks to Weather Decision Technologies, The National Weather Service, Dylan Bradway, Billy Mabray, Alan Herzberger, JT Johnson, Mike Cunningham, Billy Davis and Marilyn Hoeffner. You guys are the best.

Download NewsOK’s Weatherwatch app now.

St. Louis – The Associated Press just named NewsOK 2009 Innovator of the Year for our video efforts. The APME Innovator of the Year Award recognizes innovation in print, online, management, structure or other area that demonstrates a bold, creative effort to improve a news or information product and increase audience.

bug_camera.gifWatch NewsOK Studio Project: Two Years Later.

John Lennon Song Writing Finalist, Erin Austin, performs her song,
“You Let Me Down” on Static.

Produced by NewsOK Videographer, Tanner Herriot and Assistant Entertainment Editor, George Lang, Static continues to be one of the things I enjoy the most on our site. Each week, Lang sits down with a new music artist and discusses what drives their creative endeavors. View past episodes of Static on NewsOK.

In June, Herriot won a Silver Telly Award for his work on Static. This global honor recognizes outstanding video in a number of categories from all 50 states and five continents. Congratulations Tanner for a job well done!

bug_camera.gifGeorge Lang talks with singer/songwriter, Erin Austin.
bug_camera.gifErin Austin sings “You Let Me Down.”
bug_camera.gifErin Austin sings “Home.”

Congratulations to the employees
of OPUBCO Communications
Group for making
one of the top 12 newspaper
media sites in the world. The International Academy of Digital
Arts and Sciences named
Oklahoma’s largest local website
an Official Honoree in the
2009 Webby Awards.
Winning an international award of this caliber is a tribute to the journalists, programmers,
developers, designers, video,
sales and marketing professionals who are all part of our rapidly expanding digital innovation team.

Congratulations to the employees of OPUBCO Communications Group for making one of the top 12 newspaper media sites in the world. The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences named Oklahoma’s largest local website an Official Honoree in the 2009 Webby Awards.

Winning an international award of this caliber is a tribute to the journalists, programmers, developers, designers, video, sales and marketing professionals who are all part of our rapidly expanding digital innovation team.

According to the New York Times, a Webby is the highest honor a site can receive.

In recent weeks, the NewsOK video staff has been testing the Canon 5D, Mark II, camera. Unlike a traditional photo camera, the 5D will shoot 1080p HD video with sound. When paired with the right lens, you can achieve a film-like depth of field that rivals the Hollywood film maker. Check out the Red One, Canon 5D and Panasonic GH1 in a side-by-side CrunchGear video.

With a price tag under three grand, I must say, “I’m totally blown away.”

bug_camera.gifNewsOK sample 1: Chefs at the Table One Restaurant.
bug_camera.gifNewsOK sample 2: Chefs at the Tokyo Pot.

NewsOK couldn’t be the site it is today without the awesome video, outstanding photos and editorial content. Combined this with a premier development team and you have a multi platform newspaper site unmatched by the industry.

This is the tenth time I’ve redesigned NewsOK in twelve years.

Breaking news online often covers up print headlines – making it hard for readers to find referenced multimedia, so we developed a system that pitches the reader to a consistent home base. Referred to as the “pitcher-catcher,” this helps readers to not only find videos, podcasts and photo galleries, but headlines as they appeared in that day’s printed edition.

“The Oklahoman, takes a bold step forward, rethinking itself to become a product that fits into today’s multimedia, multi platform world of news, while retaining those elements that have made it Oklahoma’s newspaper of record,” says Maria Garcia.

For over thirty years, Garcia, an industry expert, has created compelling designs for publications like The Wall Street Journal, The Miami Herald and most recently The Oklahoman.

bug_camera.gifProduced by Oklahoman videographer, Todd Fraser, watch our new TV commercial.

Just one week after its launch, Kelly Dyer-Fry, VP of the News and Information Center, leads a tour of Executive Women International through our new audio podcast studio on Tuesday, June 12, 2008. This is the last of the five studios I was asked to design and launched for The Oklahoman.

EWI has over 3,000 firms represented in over 75 chapters located in major cities across the United States, Canada and Europe. Photo by Bryan Terry, The Oklahoman.

bug_camera.gifTake a panoramic tour of our facilities and studio.

Sports writer John Rohde and Mike Sherman during a practice run of the new Oklahoman sports set. A graphics package was also used to pitch a sponsorship to Budweiser.

Edmund Pickens: First Elected Chickasaw Chief, His Life and Times was written by Juanita Tate – a ninety-eight year-old Chickasaw elder. As a great-granddaughter of Edmund Pickens, Tate has devoted the last forty-seven years of her life to the research of her great-grandfather.

Edmund Pickens traveled with his wife and children on the Trail of Tears. Once established in the new Oklahoma territory, Pickens negotiated important treaties in Washington D.C., helped to develop the Chickasaw Constitution and served in the Chickasaw senate in the mid-eighteen hundreds. He lived through the tumultuous period of the Civil War and signed the treaty of alliance with the Confederate States. He was the first elected Chief of the Chickasaw Nation and was respected for his devotion and trustworthiness to the Chickasaw people.

This hard bound book is the ninth book I’ve designed and published in the last five years. Others who contributed to this project include Jeannie Barbour, Matt Bradbury, Brian Cooke, Dr. Amanda Cobb-Greetham, Mike Larsen, Sarah Thornburg-Horton and Jennifer Armstrong-Zink.

The control room of our newest and largest video studio.

Along with the Naples Daily News, and the Washington Post-Newsweek Interactive, The Oklahoman is featured by the Newspaper Association of America (NAA) in a recent online video content report about current industry practices.

In less than two years, The Oklahoman went from producing very few online videos to producing more than 100 original pieces each week. Read more about The Oklahoman in the NAA online report: In Focus: The Oklahoman, The Oklahoman: Behind the Scenes and Live from the Newsroom: Set Building 101. You can also read about my personal experience with the Podcast Studio Project in my blog.

bug_camera.gifWatch Behind the Scenes: The Oklahoman.
bug_camera.gifWatch NewsOK Studio Project: Two Years Later.
bug_camera.gifTake a panoramic tour of our facilities and studio.

Returning from the Thomson-Shore press this week, the story of Ralph Mason illustrates a person who has made millions in real estate and fast food while always focusing on people, relationships, God, family, and friends. This book chronicles some of his struggles and how even the dark moments played an important role in his journey to success. With over 350 Sonic Drive-Ins, Ralph is the 7th largest franchiser behind all other nationally known chains.

Written, designed and published by my wife Sarah and I, this hard bound book is a Father’s Day gift from his three daughters – Myrna, Sherry and Carol. Ralph Mason is the eighth book I’ve designed and published in the last five years. Others who contributed to this project include Marcy Williams, Myrna Lightfoot, Helen Mason, Ann Yount, Suzanne Green, Jen Basford, Derek and Gina England.

Leading the charge to train their Washington Post print journalists to shoot video for the, Chet Rhodes recently conducted a similar training session for The Oklahoman newsroom. We first met Chet the weekend we launched our Washington D.C. studio and found his process to be extremely helpful and in-line with our next natural step for growing online traffic and getting more video onto our site. By embedding short 30 second video clips, shot by reporters and placed into our online articles, the Senator Inhofe graphic to the right illustrates one way The Oklahoman plans to launch Chet’s practices in the immediate future.

Rhodes is deputy multimedia editor of The Washington Post-Newsweek Interactive, where he oversees the production and editing of daily news videos. Before joining Rhodes taught for 10 years as an instructor of Broadcast Journalism at the University of Maryland’s College of Journalism. He also worked as a radio news director in local radio and as an editor and chief engineer with the UPI radio network.

bug_photos.gifView images of the iPhone beta user interface (UI) in detail.

From breaking news headlines, movie times, audio podcasts, 24 hour weather outlook, searchable classifieds and The Oklahoman Archives, this new iPhone UI beta has everything you’ll need on the go. Version 1.0, now in development, will include the ability to buy movie tickets, watch movie trailers, detailed weather with live local radar, news video and more.

At last weeks Web 2.0 Conference in San Francisco, the buzz was how Apple had blown the doors off the user experience with their iPhone interface and opened the box, so we could look into the future. The current iPhone development team includes Jake Behrens (lead developer), James Duncan, Ethan Cairns, Ryan Marshall, Billy Davis and myself. Great job guys! You make us proud.

This Web based application is part of Apple’s recent open source iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK) and can be found at, or watch Steve Jobs presentation to see what’s ahead.

Recording My Experiences

mug_scott_bw.jpgAfter slogging away for years to beat the next deadline, it's nice to have a place to quickly record my professional experiences. I started this blog, as I was finishing the design and launch of the second of four media studios on the 7th floor of The Oklahoman in Oklahoma City and one studio east of the White House in the National Press Building. Below are a set of links reflecting our dreams, our challenges and the products and services we chose.


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